Tips For Healthy Heart In Holiday Season

By Christian Goodman

In recent days for most people in America thanksgiving is more of a feast rather than a time for giving thanks. Thanksgiving is the starting point of holiday season in United States. One can always say apart from starting the holiday season thanksgiving also kicks in the season for heart attack. Unfortunately, that's what is happening.

Normally deaths due to heart attack starts to increase from Thanksgiving, continues to increase through Christmas, hits the maximum on New Year's day and starts to decrease from there. This was found by Dr. Robert A. Kloner, MD, PhD, of the Heart Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles in 1999. "Merry Christmas Coronary" and "Happy New Year Heart Attack" phenomenon was mainly dubbed by Dr. Kloner based on the concluded result of the researches.Over eating and emotional stress is behind all this.

There is no way you can deny those sweet candies and eggnog but what you can do is you can limit what you eat. Gives yourself the best health this holiday season and remember to remind this healthy heart tips now and then. Without over eating you can have happy and healthy holiday season.

1. Before you go to a holiday party or family gathering you can have an apple or a salad. This will help you to avoid eating much.

2. You can try wearing tight fitting trousers to holiday meals. I know it seems silly but wearing a tight fit trousers will make you aware of how much food you eat.

3. You can bring a vegetable platter with hummus dip, when you are expected to bring food to a holiday.

4. To reduce the size of the portion you eat you can use small plates. This will help you to eat less with satisfaction. When you use a small plate you are suppose to walk each and every time to fetch food. And this happens to be an exercise.

5. You can avoid foods that are processed and foods that are with high fat and you can eat more vegetables. It's nothing wrong to have a special pie on special occasion. But veggies first.

* Special holiday drinks like eggnog and apple cider can be very high in calories. Again, it's okay to treat yourself on holidays, but don't overindulge. Limit yourself to one glass.

7. Watch your alcohol intake, too. Dr. Kloner believers that changes in alcohol consumption patterns contribute to "Merry Christmas Coronaries." Set reasonable limits for yourself before you start drinking, and stick to those limits. And if you've been drinking, do not drive! You don't want to spend Christmas behind bars.

8. You can try to have walk with your friends and family after a holiday meal. The best thing to do is to play with the kids. And that will burn some calories off. You can park your car far away from the entrance of the store to indulge in some walking.

9. Don't allow the stress to get the better of you. It can be extremely stressful during the holiday season. You can plan to get your shopping done earlier to avoid stressful situation at the store. You should also plan plenty of time for relaxation and holidays are meant for relaxation.

You carry a risk of getting sudden heart attack if you already have high blood pressure and you should be very careful this holiday season. You should avoid stress, workout regularly and not to over eat. See these simple high blood pressure exercises to learn how to lower your stress and lower yours blood pressure naturally.

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