Hypertension Induced By Pregnancy

By Christian Goodman

I do travel a lot and I see everywhere women working hard in their daily life like I do. But the difference is women carry a new life inside them. I was always amused by pregnancy. A small baby totally dependent upon her for survival. But I don't do that.

Unfortunately for some, pregnancy does not allow for a "normal" daily life. Certain conditions such as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension can create emotional as well as serious physical concerns.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) also sometimes referred to as preeclampsia or toxemia occurs in about 5 to 10 percent of pregnancies. Chronic hypertension varies from PIH in that it is normally present prior to pregnancy.

There are also information of gestational high blood pressure that do not mostly comes with the same risks, but can intensify the probability of the mother later developing PIH. Baby and mother both face a grave threat by both conditions.

Is high blood pressure a problem during pregnancy?

Blood flow to different systems in the body is hindered with high blood pressure. Because of the lack of blood flow, the baby can suffer too.

The restricted blood flow can cause the fetus to abrupt from the placenta prematurely (placental abruption.) The baby can also be underweight or suffer a lack of proper development due to the lack of nutrients.

Worse, PIH left untreated can lead to seizures, the mother's death and/or fetal death.

Major list of symptoms of pregnancy induced hypertension

high blood pressure blurred vision extreme nausea edema or swelling more than trace amounts of protein in the urine present

It is mostly confirmed when more than two symptoms are present. Presence of a single system does not mean the presence of PIH.

To confirm whether PIH has developed or about to develop you should regularly visit doctor for check up.


The baby may not be fully developed to live a life outside the womb when left. The best cure for mother is having the baby. But the same do not apply for the baby.

The most common treatment for PIH during pregnancy is increased rest. Different degrees of bed rest may be in order for different cases of severity in order to lower blood pressure. Some women find themselves spending weeks or even months in bed, often lying on their left side. These women are usually advised only to get up for bathroom and shower trips or to grab a bite to eat.

Many father's blood pressure have lifted due to this stress and tension during the pregnancy period. Mother is not the only one affected by the complication due to pregnancy but partner or father who loves her a lot is also affected.

To reduce your blood pressure to normal levels or to manageable levels you should avoid tension and stress in life wherever possible. Pre-natal care should be taken seriously when you are pregnant. You can sure that almost all the pregnancies finish in happy and healthy babies, mom's and dad's.

My blood pressure program focuses on intense relaxation which is also a good accompaniment to bed rest. It can also assist the loved ones who are experiencing the anxiety from a complicated or even a healthy pregnancy.

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