Symptoms Of Yeast Infection - Discover The 3 Main Symptoms Of Yeast Infection And How To Get Rid Of It Fast.

By Carole Bishop

If you think you have a yeast infection but you are not sure, then there are certain symptoms that will help you decide whether what you suspect you have is a yeast infection or not. Before we address in great detail the most common symptoms of a yeast infection, let's answer a very important question - What is Yeast Infection?

It is simply an infection caused by a fungus usually of the candida species, the most common one being candida albicans. Other common names for a yeast infection include thrush, candidiasis, candidosis.

It tends to occur in moist parts of the body and even though it is a very treatable condition, it can become severe and even fatal if left untreated. Most commonly affected parts of the body include the vagina, the penis, the mouth and the urinary bladder.

So what are the most common symptoms of thrush, candidiasis or yeast infection?

1. Perhaps the most common symptoms of this affliction is a whitish or whitish gray cottage cheese like discharge, especially if it is vaginal yeast infection. It also tends to have a curd like appearance and tends to be very itchy.

2. If it is a penile infection then symptoms includes red patchy sores near the end of the penis or foreskin.

3. Other symptoms include redness of the affected area, burning sensation, irritation, soreness and general discomfort.

If you suffer from at least 2 of the above listed symptoms then chances are you what you have is a yeast infection.

Apart from the conventional treatments of using antimycotic drugs e.g. clotrimazole, which is usually prescribed by doctors, there are some simple home remedies that are perhaps just as effective, if not more effective than what your doctor will normally prescribe.

Some simple yet effective remedies for yeast infections include plain yogurt and apple cider vinegar, just to mention a few. - 30540

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