A Pain In Neck Is A Real Pain

By Christian Goodman

Like most people on earth I too suffered from neck pain due to a car accident. The pain was unbearable that it made me to alter my position into a curved stance. Sudden and nasty accidents always have the habit of life changing due to pain it cause without any substitute.

I have friends and clients whose neck pain causes and symptoms are extremely diverse as far as causes and amount of pain involved.

Main causes of are neck pain are injury to neck, disc or may be of nerve problem with arthritis and neck. Other causes of neck pain are sleeping in a wrong position, stress and continuous strain given to the neck by sitting long hours before computer.

Sometimes neck pain can be sharp and painful. Rarely it gets very difficult to diagnosed. Fibromyalgia is one of the more common causes of neck lasting for months.

Sufferer's express pain in the following ways Soreness, stiffness in muscle sharp pain to even touch, acute pain strong enough to force the neck to turn to one side (torticollis), pain in the base of the skull, one or both-sided headaches, pain radiating down the back and/or arms, tingling arms and/or fingers and general weakness in the neck and/or arms.

Women tend to report neck pain more than men.

Most of the time neck pain tend to disappear within a day or two. Sometimes there are rare and life threatening periods when something larger is associated with the neck pain.

One such condition is meningitis. This is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord who's causes can be both viral (most common but not as devastating) and bacterial (less common but an extremely life-threatening disease).

In addition to neck pain and/or stiffness, be on the lookout for a sudden rash development, fever, pain in bending the neck, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and severe back pain.

Neck pain can also signal serious issues arising from head trauma. Other symptoms to check for are headache, nausea, vomiting, loss or complications in vision, hearing or balance, pain localized behind one eye and weakness in arm and/or leg muscles.

If it's not a serious illness or injury in neck the you should continue your daily routine. You should keep in mind that your daily routine should not be the cause of neck pain. In that case it is better to go for an ergonomic solution. These are the best ways to avoid neck pain.

Neck collar will simply weaken the muscles in neck. When you are provided with a neck collar, please only use it for few days. Only daily neck exercises will help you to strengthen neck muscles in the long term.

As all the muscles around neck, back and head are interconnected it is highly risky to weaken those muscles. An alternative way is to use my all natural neck pain relief program. I'm launching it soon and i sincerely hope you follow these exercises as i did. And I'm very sure you will be relieved from your neck pain.

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