Tinnitus Home Remedies - The Best Tinnitus Home Cures Of All Worlds

By Frederick R. Smith

Tinnitus refers to a condition in which a sound appears to originate in the ears even though there are no external noises around. Tinnitus isn't considered an illness, but instead a symptom of another underlying condition. So it can be assumed that tinnitus is a blessing in disguise. It helps us to see the essential infection or illness before it worsens. Once the cause is located the treatments are easy. There are diverse treatments for tinnitus due to various causes for ringing in the ears. But some treatments can aggravate tinnitus. So the best solutions are some home remedies for tinnitus which are effective in controlling ringing in the ears. Some of the tinnitus home-made remedies are discussed below :

1. Serious noises can worsen tinnitus. So avoid exposure to loud noises in traffic and in other public places. In case of unavoidable eventualities use ear plugs which help in controlling the decibel of noise entering the ears.

2. You diet is one of the finest tinnitus home cures. Make your diet easy with less spices added to it. Reduce your ingestion of sugar, salt and saturated fats. Avoid tea and coffee, as it will increase the pain. Include lot of green veg and fresh fruits. This could improve your immunity mechanism and reduces your tinnitus sufferings. Chewing dry fruits helps augment the blood circulation, thereby acting beneficially in solving tinnitus.

3. Daily exercising will keep you physically and mentally fit. This could also control your blood pressure and so prevent tinnitus from happening. Avoid taking drugs unless they have been particularly prescribed by your doctor. Some of the drugs may worsen tinnitus.

4. Practicing yoga is one more tinnitus home remedy. It increases the GABA level in our body which in turn reduces ringing in the ears.

This technique controls ringing in the ears efficiently. The person going through tinnitus should do this 40-50 times each day. It's called ear drumming methodology. In this the person has to close both his ears with his palm such that fingers are precisely behind the skull. Now you have to place the index finger over the middle finger. Then force the index finger to slip over the middle finger and land on the base of the skull. It causes a drumming sound. This is a useful tinnitus home cure. - 30540

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