Begin Your Flea Control

By Nicholas Wright

For many years, fleas have been a problem to your pet and in your home. Fleas are bothersome to humans as well as pets for the reason that they carry various diseases. The effect - they make your pets' lives miserable.

Fleas pass through four stages in its life cycle. At each stage, they undergo a complete metamorphosis. There are four distinct stages: eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult. About 570 of the fleas are eggs, 34% are larva, 8% are pupa, and only about 1% is present as adults. The life cycle of the flea can be completed in even just in 12 days or take as long as 174 days. It is reliant upon the ambient temperature and humidity.

Fleas reproduce quickly. Inevitably, they can lay thousands of eggs on your pet and in your home. Eggs of the fleas are laid on the host or are deposited just on the floor of your houses or grounds in your backyard. It is said that to get rid of them is simply to kill them at all life stages - adult, larva and egg.

Keep in mind that until all of the fleas in your home have died, you will probably still see some fleas, even on a treated pet, since some immature forms may continue to develop. This is especially true if you had a big flea problem to start with. Persistence is the key here. It is essential to keep following an effective flea control program for a long enough time to get rid of all of the fleas, in all life stages. This may take several months to a year, depending on your particular situation.

Always remember that you may see some live fleas on your pet for a short time after spraying, shampooing, dipping, etc. For the fleas to die, they must come into contact with the insecticide, and absorb it. For long term control and prevention, treat your home three times per year

Many of us may think that it is more expensive to take care of a flea infestation but it is usually cheaper than dealing with the impediment to your pet's health that fleas can bring about. - 30540

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