What Is Benign Mesothelioma

By Heidi Wingrain

Benign mesothelioma is fond very rarely as mesothelioma lies inactive for a considerable period of time before the first symptoms become visible. It is a non-cancerous form of tumor affecting the lining of the lung and chest cavities known as the pleura. Asbestos particles responsible for the cancer get accumulated in the mesothelium, causing severe pain. This tumor growing to excessive size leads to shortness of breath, compressing the lung.

Being a curable disease, surgery is highly beneficial for treating benign mesothelioma, provided the growth is only local. The only complication that can happen during surgery is the pleural effusion. The situation occurs when pleural fluid is leaked into the cavity around the lung. It is not life-threatening since the fluid can easily be drained. By examining this non-cancerous growth thoroughly, it can be found out whether the patient is exposed to asbestos, thereby preventing the contraction of malicious forms of mesothelioma cancer.

Even though not potent enough to bring death, benign mesothelioma has the potential to make your life hell by creating breathing problems, localized pain etc. The overall health of the patient would definitely be affected. The most prominent symptoms are chronic cough, shortness of breath and chest pain. Open lung biopsy and chest CT scan or x-ray can easily reveal the existence and spread of this malice.

Surgery is the best treatment option for benign mesothelioma and it should be done as early as possible. Postponing consultation with the doctor can make the situation worse. It is better to consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms appear. Men fall prey to benign mesothelioma far easily than women. It is also noticed that sometimes the presence of the tumor is noticed without any symptoms. Seeing the clubbed appearance of fingers, an expert doctor can identify the disease.

It has also been found that the medical situation may recur after ten years in ten percent of cases. But this too can be removed by timely remedial measures. But one good thing about benign mesothelioma is that it may work as a wake up call to undergo detailed checkups so that formation of malignant mesothelioma can be preempted. - 30540

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