The Pain From Receding Gums Usually Occurs During Eating

By Nina Johnson

The people who are most plagued by trouble with receding gums are usually those over the age of forty. However, this condition can also affect younger people, even those who are in their teens. There are many things that will cause the gums in your mouth to recede. If not treated, this condition can turn into a bigger problem and become very painful.

Another problem you will have from too much brushing is sensitive teeth and this can be very painful, especially when you eat hot or cold foods. The worst pain with sensitive teeth sometimes occurs when you eat something sweet.

If your gums have been receding for a long time, then chances are you will end up with gingivitis. This is a condition that is caused from the bacteria from food getting into the spaces between your teeth and gums causing severe inflammation. There are some steps that your dentist can take in treating gingivitis.

Severe tartar on your teeth that has built over a period of time will also cause receding gums. To prevent this from happening, you will need to make sure to stay on top of preventative dental cleanings. If you don't, you will be risking more than you know when it comes to your teeth and mouth. Tartar build up on your teeth not only leads to problems with your gums, it also discolors your teeth.

The saliva in your mouth is working to keep down many kinds of bacteria that would otherwise cause you a lot of problems. There are 22 different types of bacteria present in your mouth. If you brush your teeth twice a day with that soft bristled brush, you will be helping your saliva in taking care of the bad bacteria and keeping the good.

When your receding gums get to an advanced state, you may need more than just a cleaning. Your dentist may recommend periodontal plastic surgery to repair the worst parts of your gum tissue. This is performed by borrowing healthy tissue from other areas and grafting it onto the areas that needs the growth of new and healthy tissue. This has been proven to be an effective treatment for severe gingivitis and in cases of advanced receding gums.

When the air is able to get to exposed roots due to receding gums, you are going to experience pain. You can have this problem alleviated even if you don't have enough healthy tissue to borrow from for grafting. There is a procedure called Acellular dermal matrix that will allow you to have gum grafting using the healthy tissue of donors.

If you are having trouble or pain with your gums receding, you need to make an appointment with your dentist. He or she will help you in exploring your options for treatment. Your particular condition will determine what the best treatment for your gingivitis or receding gums will be. - 30540

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