Ways Methamphetamine Causes Bad Breath

By Raymond .N. Winsome

The newest drug in town, worst than or just as poisonous as crack is methamphetamine. It is really addictive to both teens and adults. The most significant impairment is to your teeth and will give tremendous bad breath. One of the most noteworthy sign that somebody is using methamphetamine will be their breath, because it will be funky.

The fetor will be a chemical smell that is quite gross. Forget about brushing or using dental floss to fix the bad breath caused by methamphetamine to go away. Long term use renders your breath foul smelling for good. Methamphetamine users may also exhibit the signs of drug abuse, by noticing the pupils of their eyes are dilated. Another common sign, besides causing bad breath, is unexplainable nose bleeds as well as the nose being dry.

Lips will become cracked and bleed as well. Users will exhibit other nasal or sinus symptoms as the drug is often snorted as well as smoked. Many other signs of your teen being active with the use of methamphetamines are a lack of appetite or profound weight loss. Users sleep less, become anxious, nervous and unjustly aggressive. Lack of proper thought pattern is also a common trait. Most methamphetamine users will exhibit signs of hyperactivity as well.

Since using methamphetamines causes gigantic bad breath; applying mouthwashes, breath sprays, lozenges and other breath fresheners will simply not do away with the underlying cause of methamphetamine bad breath. Other known effects of Methamphetamines is permanent tooth decay. Popular diseases that will be magnified, are high blood pressure, increased heart rate, damage to blood vessels, throat and mouth cancer.

The withdrawal symptoms are just as bad. Users will experience insane symptoms for a long time after you have stopped using methamphetamines. This is a extremely addictive drug and it stimulates perpetual bad breath. Chronic bad breath is a positive sign that one might be using methamphetamines which is a poisonous plaque. - 30540

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