Weight Gain During Holidays Real?

By Christian Goodman

I answer myself "It can feed 30 people" When my wife questions "Is this going to be enough to feed 10 people?". It happens at the grocery shop when we host a family event on a holiday.

We do not stop this until after the New Year's day. We start the parties by Thanksgiving as it is almost the start of holidays and indulge in over eating.

The stress of accommodating all friends and family as it is time consuming and brings extra burden financially can lead to extra eating. Is there a reason to overeat in holidays? The major reason is even though we enjoy our holidays it is also stressful to many people.

With all the food involved and the need, oftentimes, not to offend anyone, we ingest 3 or 4 times what we should. Even if things go seamlessly, the idea of watching one's calories can just go out the door any time anyone introduces more than 3 courses to a meal.

It is the power eating in group you will tend to eat more by seeing others. The person who eats normally in a group is the odd man.

I actually had a relative half-jokingly say to me, "I don't know if I want another helping or if I'm going to be sick."

What can we do to avoid the temptation of overeating during the holidays? First, find out why you are overeating. Are you overeating because you don't want to miss out on all of the great foods (many of which you don't eat any other time of the year)?

If there are more than 10 courses available don't dump all the food on to your plate. Just serve ourselves a spoon of each food to your plate. This is the best way to limit the portions you eat.

Another thing that helps a lot in eating less is you can use a small plate and small fork. It seems bit odd but it really helps a lot.

When the food is not around it is very easy to not overeat. People say you should not waste food that is very true but is dangerous to abuse your body by overeating. So, you can also limit the quantity of food you take home with you

You can decline the extra portions politely if the food was pushed to your plate by your loved one. If the person is very much offended then those the persons who have problem it's not you.

If you do happen to "fall off the wagon," don't wait for your New Year's resolution to kick in (most of us don't keep them). Take a walk after dinner or add a few minutes to your workout. If you don't regularly exercise, start now.

You can try this program now as the holiday over eating madness is nearing. It easy to do with guaranteed results. This is natural program recommended by me. The program is called weight lose breeze program.

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