Children's Risk to Yeast Infections

By Salli Smith

It is a natural tendency of caring parents to freak out when the health of their child is on the line. Most often, this tendency is healthy for the child. By being prepared, parents can defend their children from multiple diseases including infections. So, parents should not wait for the symptoms to exist before making any move.

Yeast infection prevention is encouraged so that parents can properly protect their children from the moment they are born. Usually, the best yeast infection prevention fundamental step is root causes identification. Yeast infection in children typically has almost the same symptoms as to those in adults. The type of yeast infection that is common in children is mouth yeast infection.

Yeast infection found in the mouth is recognized by the medical community as thrush. It can be found in children or infants as young as one day old. Children are not only susceptible to thrush but are also vulnerable to vaginal infections and diaper rashes. These three health complications can be linked with Candida outbreak. The symptoms of thrush are: pain, irritation and milky white patches on the mouth. These patches may also appear in the cheek and tongue area.

Children that are using unclean pacifiers and bottles are more likely to have mouth yeast infection. The reason is overusing of pacifiers and bottles causes overproduction of moisture in the mouth, which is the best place for fungi to reproduce. Parents with children that are suffering from thrush are not advised to breastfeed. This is to prevent yeast infection from developing on the breast or nipples of a mother.

Unfortunately, some children still suffer from mouth yeast infection even though the pacifiers and bottles are cleaned and replaced regularly. In this case, yeast infection may be associated with weak or low immunity of the child. The risk level of the child will also increase if he is suffering from other infections and serious health issues.

In older children, yeast infection is usually associated with improper usage of antibiotics or steroids. These drugs are capable of destroying the bacteria that are highly essential for the body. Improper usage of this drug will cause fungi outbreak. In addition, some older children are also vulnerable if they have serious complications such as diabetes. - 30540

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