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By Dr. Vince Scaglione

If you're thinking about attending a School Of Natural Health then it's critical you evaluate this article.

As a 20 year Holistic Health Practitioner Teacher I have had countless students inquire what they look for in a Natural Medicine School. My reply to them is as follows:

1. Does the School Of Natural Health offer a well balanced course curriculum? Always made sure the holistic courses are well rounded in herbalist studies, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and herbal medicine.

2. Does the Holistic School require you to mail in your tests to be graded before you can move to the next course? If so, you are in for a frustrating, long and expensive education. Make sure your college offers the ability for you to take your tests online via a web site.

3. Is the tuition expensive? I have exposed that if the Natural Medicine School tuition cost the student thousands of dollars then it's probably because you are paying for their horrendous marketing expenses and their non-existent distance education technology. No online holistic education should cost students more than $499-$999.00

4. Explore if the School of Natural Health provides a holistic internship program after graduation. If no internship program is provided then end your review there. Your Holistic education is not complete unless you experience clinical training.

After researching many Colleges of Natural Health I have found one online holistic college that meets these requirements and it's called The Natural Healing College. NHC offer a superior curriculum, the tuition is much lower than other colleges, they offer online distant education technology, and most of all they provide a robust internship program.

In conclusion, if you are researching a school of natural health then save yourself a lot of time and money by following the guidelines I have provided in this article. - 30540

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