Is Candida Overgrowth Ruling Your Life?

By Ellen Valentine, CNC

Why the interest in Candida Albicans over the last twenty years? It is because more and more people: suffer recurring problems that are the result of immunocompromised systems, take antibiotics more than ever before, eat fast and denatured foods without replenishing their mineral bank accounts, are prone to unrelenting stress due to career, money, health and relationship stressors, and have body environments that are perfect for hosting Candida Albicans.

The wave of illnesses fueled by candida overgrowth have given rise to the current public interest. The epidemic is born of current life trends: over-medication, poor eating, more immuno-compromised bodies than ever before, stress that is unbearable for some. For the 20% of humanity that is prone to this condition, life may be very uncomfortable.

What are illnesses that carry the branding mark of candida overgrowth? The list is long; this is a taste: clouded thought, being too tired, yet unable to sleep, fungus under toes or fingernails, fibromyalgia, lupus, bronchitis, constipation followed by diarrhhea, poor digestion, bloated stomach, cravings for sugars and simple carbohydrates, recurring cold and influenza, thrush, asthma, awake between 2 - 4 a.m.

Candida Albicans is said to be dimorphic which means it shape shifts from white to opaque cells so that it can mate. I like to joke that at night when people wish they could sleep, they are really hosting a party for parasites and fungi. Not much of a joke if you suffer from insomnia. Eventually Candida overlays and suffocates formerly healthy tissue, further taxes an already compromised immune system and degrades the body.

There are several factors which make a perfect host situation for Candida Albicans: overwhelming stress, hormonal changes such as post natal, menopause, stopping breast feeding, antibiotics, steroids, other medicine that kills naturally occurring healthy bacteria in the body, post-surgery, grief, loss and prolonged sadness or illness, too much sugar, simple carbohydrates, and fast foods. This is the first in series of articles on creating a healthy environment that cannot be tolerated by candida andother parasites.

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