Tinnitus Home Remedies

By Oliver Henson

Tinnitus has no real cure in the world of modern drugs and yet all doctors do is prescribing pills which do nothing apart from worsen the difficulty. On the other hand the tinnitus home remedies have been around for thousands of years and have helped millions of men and women to cope up or even cure their tinnitus. The only difficulty with these Tinnitus home remedies is they have been passed thru recommendation by friends and not written anywhere. However these tinnitus home remedies are efficient and safe and free from all the side-effects of the concoctions sold in the market.

It's strange but true. Mother nature has all the answers to the current day issues of humans. Unfortunately we trust our chemical concoctions so much that we do not see the simple spices and other Tinnitus home remedies that nature has provided for us. Here are some of the Tinnitus home remedies that are very effective :

The elders counsel cold and hot baths alternatively to ease problems associated with youngsters.

Dry fruits not only have antioxidants but chewing them daily will increase the blood circulation in the ear.

Pineapple helps to reduce redness in the ear. Thus increase the consumption of this fruit.

A home made nasal spray of glycerin and a tea spoon of salt in a pitcher of warm water will help in decreasing the symptoms.

Garlic is a great herb and regular intake of garlic can ease lots of your tinnitus related Problems.

Maidenhair tea extract is one of the most suggested tinnitus home remedies. All that you need to do is put about 20 to 40 mg in your ears to ease your issues

Intense noises, noisy factories and numerous vehicles sounds need to be avoided by the patient

Certain modifications can be brought into ones diet. These can include the avoidance of greasy and processed foods

Vitamin A, Vitamin B and other nutrient rich foods are also good sources of treating tinnitus

Regular exercise help to keep one fit and healthy, which is one of the finest paths to treat tinnitus in the same way that a healthy way of life can help with many other physical diseases - 30540

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