Kill Head Lice Quickly: How to Get Rid of An Investation

By Harry S. Thompson

It doesn't matter if you're an adult or child, head lice is an annoyance no one wants to deal with in their lifetime. While the situation itself is irritating, the social implications can be horrible. Children must deal with this throughout the school year when nurses check them for head lice at least every other quarter. If someone in your family has this problem, then it's important to know what it takes to kill lice and prevent it from coming back.

What you will find is that its important to understand how to get rid of head lice and keep it from coming back. In order to do this there are a host of preventative measures you should take into consideration so you won't have these wingless insects living on your scalp for eternity and living off your blood. Today we're going to help you understand what it takes to kill lice and get rid of it once and for all.

Even though you will have the school check for head lice throughout the year, it's still important to do your own checking. Lice are often visible through the hair. Head lice is most common in children, for no other reason than children are more likely than adults to be in close contact with other children, and sharing things such as hats, blankets, and other things where lice may reside.

Lice can lead to red bumps, or even sores or cuts, however they are not a deadly disease. The most common side effect of head lice is extreme itchiness, often leading to a ridiculous amount of scratching by the host.

Consider calling your family physician if your child is showing symptoms of lice. Your doctor may have a specific antidote to recommend, however medicines for lice are over the counter and a prescription is not needed. Your doctor will likely suggest a medicated shampoo (shampoo's are generally easier on your child than the oils or nit combs available in the market).

Then again, if the situation is minor, you might just be given an over the counter recommendation that will help. There are several different options available, and one of them might be able to help. In the meantime, don't forget about the preventative measures at home that should be taking place. It's important to make sure you get rid of head lice around the house.

Make sure you wash bed linens, comforters, pillows, and even clothing that was worn in hot water. You might even want to go as far as vacuuming curtains, furniture, and anything else you feel necessary. Oh, and those hair items like brushes comes and barrettes should be soaked in rubbing alcohol or a combination of hot water and baking soda.

If someone in your family has head lice, you will find that the actions above need to be considered. Being able to kill lice in the early stages before nits hatch is important. It means you will alleviate the problem sooner and get rid of your head lice once and for all. - 30540

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