Preventing Wrist Pain

By Tom Nicholson

Wrist pain is uncomfortably painful, especially if you have a favorite hobby you enjoy, while working with your hands or even while performing your job. Wrist pain may result in twinges, ache and inflammation, this type of pain can be worrisome. However, you can avoid such pain and wrist injuries by being careful about the ways you use your hands and wrists. Some individuals are more susceptible to wrist injuries than others are. However, preventive measures are essential when you need to keep moving forward as well as having good wrist health.

The first tip to prevent wrist pain is simply being mindful. Think about what you do every day and the position that you keep your hands in. Do you do a lot of work that requires fine motor control? Things like sewing, carving, and typing are all activities that require dexterous motions of your hands, and once you start to get good at them, you are going to find that you are moving faster and faster. It can be a little bit irritating, but you want to remember not to work as fast as you can. If you are working as fast as you can, you will find that there is a good chance that you are going to wind up with fingers, hands, and wrists that are sore and inflamed.

Pressing forward and continual movements can and will cause consequences when practice for a long time, therefore, you really need to give your hands, fingers and wrists an occasional rest. Take a 5-minute break for every hour you may spend typing. Get away from your computer while you stretch your body including your wrists, hands and fingers. Flexing your wrists can ensure their good health. Generally, your hand positions are uncomfortable and rigid, while typing. You need to rest the tendons of the wrists and hands occasionally.

Another thing that you can help you reduce wrist pain is to keep your wrists at a distance. Don't work with your wrists close to your body, as this can cause stress and cramping. Instead, push your wrists further away from you and make sure that you stop and consider what your options are going to be. This is something that can make a huge difference in the long run, and it will essentially redistribute the stress that you are experiencing throughout your arms and shoulders. Take some time and consider where you work and how you position yourself.

If you are interested in becoming free from wrist pain, there are a number of things that you need to consider. Being mindful is perhaps one of the most important tips you can pick up, so become more aware of your body and what it is telling you. - 30540

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