Eliminate Debilitation from Sjorgren's Syndrome

By Bob Stevens

Sjorgren's syndrome is what is called an autoimmune system disorder which means that it is a disease that makes your body cells attack their own mucous membrane tissues, and the glands that produce tears and saliva. Although the disease is not well publicized, and therefore little known about, it actually affects a staggering 4 million US citizens per year. At this point in time there is no known cure for Sjorgren's syndrome.

It is said that alternative treatments, when employed in conjunction with traditional medications, can bring the sufferers a better quality of life, but neither is a cure. All treatments, whether conventional or alternative, are focused on treating the condition by rehydrating the affected mucous membrane tissues, and on strengthening the immune system.

Women with Sjorgren's syndrome can experience vaginal dryness in addition to the dry mouth, eyes, and nasal passages associated with the disease in both genders. Eyes can also be sensitive to light. As a result of this dryness, people with Sjorgren's syndrome may have difficulty swallowing, speaking clearly, tasting food, or keeping their teeth healthy and free from cavities.

Because of the damage to the mucous membrane moisture glands, other symptoms include: dry and itchy skin, dry vagina, skin rashes, pain in the joints, and tiredness. The alternative treatments that have been developed, work well to remedy and bring relief to dry eyes, and dryness of the mouth. However constant use or application is necessary, for as the Sjorgren's syndrome is incurable, the dryness simply returns as the medications were off.

The alternative treatments that are popular include: acupuncture, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and homeopathy. The small amount of research that has been conducted into alternative remedies for Sjorgren's syndrome suggests that Willow Bark can be used effectively to counter the dryness of mouth which then helps to improve speech, and minimize cavity formation. Damage to the taste buds can be more lasting. The same research has also suggested that supplements containing the fatty oil Omega 3 are helpful in treating dry eyes.

It can also be helpful to control the humidity in your home environment, by adding humidity or moisture to the air with a humidifier, drinking lots of liquids to alleviate dry mouth, and using lotions to hydrate skin. Vaginal creams can also be helpful for women affected by vaginal dryness.

Minimizing any breezes or drafts, plus switching off any fans can help as rapid air movement contributes to the drying of the skin and in particular, the eyes and the nasal passages. Warm, moist compresses can help to alleviate dry eyes, and wearing a mask when asleep also seems to benefit some people. If you are doing any detailed and demanding small figure work that is tiring on the eyes, you should take frequent rests and apply OTC (over the counter) eye drops or creams to help to keep them moist.

Make no mistake about it, Sjorgren's syndrome is a very serious affliction and you are advised to keep in regular touch with your doctor and to discuss any alternative treatments with him/her. Dry eyes can result in damage to the corneas, and what with the increased danger of cavities means that you must consult an ophthalmic practitioner and a dental surgeon at least three times per year. One can clearly live with Sjorgren's and enjoy a good quality of life with the right medications and alternative treatments in place. - 30540

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