Five Of The Best Natural Cures For MS Multiple Sclerosis

By Jay Geary

To date no one knows exactly what causes MS. For those who are familiar with the suffering and total devastation it can represent, nothing could be worse. Combined with the frustration conventional medicine provides in regards to a cure or even symptomatic relief, it's a typical case of insult added to injury.

Fortunately there are many powerful natural alternatives for effectively treating MS disease that reach further than just treating multiple sclerosis symptoms, which place their focus directly on the root of the problem instead. You should always avoid MS treatments that are only directed toward the symptoms of MS rather than the actual illness itself.

The world of holistic health offers many options for healing MS and they are all beneficial. There's not enough room to even list them in this short article, but I would like to begin by offering a quick warning for anyone with MS. Never allow anything containing Aspartame to ever enter your mouth again! If you'd like to know why, then read a few pages from the book Excitiotoxins: The Taste That Kills, by Dr. Russell Blaylock. It's a very informative piece of work centered around MS.

You might be able to heal yourself of MS with the natural cures I've listed and still maintain an unhealthy lifestyle, but I wouldn't recommend it. Healthy is as healthy does, is the way it goes for MS patients or for anyone, wanting to get, or stay well.

All the same no matter how much medication you or your loved one may be taking, add the following natural MS treatments and you'll likely be soon saying goodbye to not only all that medication, and to those multiple sclerosis symptoms, but to MS disease as well. The more natural remedies geared toward healing MS you can incorporate into your life, including diet, supplements, and stress reduction, the better and faster your results.

1. The Elemental Miracle as with all malfunctions of the immune system, works wonders for those suffering from MS. I have read many testimonials to the fact, and there is one posted on the home page of my website. This particular former MS patient feels that the disease is pathogen based, which is a presence the elemental miracle specializes in annihilating. Also infection is one of the suspected causes of MS, which the elemental miracle is also famous for eradicating. That also goes without mentioning the way it takes over for your immune system, and strips your body clean of heavy metals like mercury.

2. Bovine Colostrum is an amazing natural MS treatment and there are many former MS patients who have reported that after taking it for only one month, their MS was totally cured.

3. Honey Bee Venom consumed in the form of bee venom honey, has been declared to heal even long time victims of MS in as little as a week!

4. Turmeric almost always reduces MS symptoms. As little as a " tsp. three times a day seems to be enough to do the trick.

5. Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Potassium and Chromium are the premium supplement package for this ailment, and are claimed to be capable of knocking back even severe cases of MS when taken daily. Also considered particularly helpful for MS are vitamin B12, along with any natural source of the 72 trace minerals.

A suitable diet can single handedly cure MS, and is probably the supreme MS treatment. Following a vegan diet is said to be a foolproof method of conquering MS. There are many well known cases of MS being healed simply by diet, one was that of Roger Mac Dougall, a playwright who cured his MS by diet.

Reducing the bodies levels of acidity while raising its alkalinity should be first and foremost in regards to an MS diet while eliminating any gluten or casein. Drop by my website for a crash course on how to adjust your acidity and alkalinity. Be sure to look in the candida section after you've browsed the one on MS.

In the time allotted the information presented here definitely sets you in the right direction. Do your research and put in the effort to heal yourself holistically. Don't just give up and surrender to a life of questionably effective medication that's guaranteed to produce so many dangerous and uncomfortable side affects.

You can use all five of these natural MS remedies together, and why not? I am so happy to be able to inform you about the real way to deal with MS. It is so unfortunate people have to suffer so much, from a disease that can be so easily cured. - 30540

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