A Quick Look At Chemotherapy Options For Mesothelioma Patients

By Jason Myers

Chemotherapy is a treatment method widely utilized to treat cancers. With this treatment, chemicals are administered to wipe out malignant cells. The drugs used for this treatment normally obstruct division and growth of malignant cells thereby restricting the cancer widespread to other body parts.

However, this kind of drugs also damages other cells of the body including the cancerous cells. In addition, a range of side effects are also known to be associated with this treatment including vomiting, nausea, hair loss, immune system problems as well as appetite loss. Whenever a patient experiences these side effects, this health condition should be brought to the attention of the relevant physicians who will alter the medications or add another medication to address the impact.

A great deal of mesothelioma patients undergoes chemotherapy procedure thinking that it is more responsive and safe. However before undergoing one specific chemotherapeutic treatment, knowing all the options available helps the patient and their families greatly to opt for the best.

The best decision must be reckoned with the patient?s mesothelioma phase and its type. The considerations such as patient?s age and the overall health also play a major part when selecting chemotherapeutic options.

Chemotherapy covers over 100 medications but only few have been proved successful in battling malignant cells. Sometimes, physicians include more than one drug to treat patients and this combination ususally yields good results.

Most commonly applied drugs for chemotherapy are Alimta, Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Navelbine, Gemcitabine and Onconase. These medications are generally administered intravenously and orally. A modern procedure, heated chemotherapy is also administered widely.

No responsive cure has been found so far for mesothelioma patients. Chemotherapy too only helps in regulating the disease. It aids in shrinking the malignant cells and improves the conditions. A combination of of drugs with chemotherapy has proved successful in prolonging survival period. Only time will tell how efficient are the procedures of chemotherapies that are still only at the testing level at present. - 30540

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