Tips On Eliminating Bed Bugs

By Julian Walker

Is your sleep getting disturbed, and do you wake up to find red rashes all over your body? If yes, then most likely a bed bug army has infested your bed. These bugs are usually to be found in furniture items like beddings, cushioned sofa sets, mattresses and the like, and they sustain themselves on human blood. Despite being as active in daytime as at night, they prefer attacking their hosts when they are resting or sleeping at night and can not protect themselves.

For effective elimination of these pests, you have to first find out their exact location. This would help you figure out an effective way of eradicating them and take precautions against their re-entry. This can be performed either on your own or with the assistance of a professional pest control company.

To start your bed bug elimination exercise, you have to vacuum clean and even steam clean your house thoroughly, particularly your mattresses and other foamed furniture. You should also go for a vigorous cleaning of all your bedspreads and pillow cloths at a temperature that will kill any bugs that are still surviving and their eggs that might be present in them. Cleaning the floors and other solid surfaces with a hard brush and a cleaning liquid helps in removing traces of bed bug eggs laid here and there.

After you are through with the cleaning, take some additional precautionary measures like disposing off the vacuum cleaner bag in the outdoor trash can, sealed in a plastic bag to remove the beg bugs forever. Having dealt with the bed bugs, you have to obstruct all possible entry points for them, particularly around pipes and sewers.

You must also make sure that you are using natural and safe enough methods of pest control as the harmful chemicals used in many bug repellents can contaminate your items of daily use and cause possible harm to you and other residents in your home. Adherence to the standards of basic cleanliness and hygiene can win half the battle for you in combating bed bugs and getting back your sound sleep. - 30540

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