Snoring Spray Makes Great Stop Snoring Home Remedy

By Jason McDrarren

Did you know that one in three Americans snores at night? That is a pretty high percentage. With that much snoring in the country, it is hard to believe that anyone can get to sleep. If you suffer from snoring then you already know the impact it can have on your family members' ability to sleep at night. What you need is a stop snoring home remedy that is convenient and effective. Read on to find out what works.

Snoring isn't fun for anyone. The vibrations caused by air being forced through an obstructed or too small opening causes the sometimes very loud sounds of snoring. The reason this happens is often because the throat muscles relax too much at night and the airway is partially closed. Alternatively, it could be that the throat muscles simply can't keep the airway open enough. This commonly happens when a person is overweight and sleeping on the back.

There are different kinds of snorers. Some people snore every night of their lives while other snore only occasionally. Alcohol and smoking can cause a person to snore. So can head colds and some medications that cause muscle relaxation. No matter the type of snorer that you are, having a good stop snoring home remedy around is a good idea.

Contrary to what some people think, men aren't the only snorers out there. Nearly one-quarter of snorers are women. Women tend to be more embarrassed about snoring than men are and they certainly want a stop snoring home remedy that will work for them.

Technology and medicine has led to many innovative methods for solving snoring. Some come in the form of sprays or creams. Others are apparatus that must be worn while sleeping. It is a good idea to visit your doctor before trying one of the many possible snoring remedies. You doctor will be able to point you in the right direction and identify any other possible concerns.

Nasal sprays are probably the most common stop snoring home remedy. These sprays can be purchased over the counter and they are very convenient. One need only spray some in the nose before bed and snoring can be prevented. The ingredients vary widely so it is good to read each particular brand. Some are made of natural oils while other utilize many chemicals. Often they will be flavored so that your breathe is freshened too.

Most snoring sprays will work for an entire night of sleep. Generally they aren't effective after seven or eight hours but this is perfect for most people.

There are some considerations that should be made before using a spray. It is best to brush your teeth first. Drinking water beforehand is a good idea too. Also, avoid citrus or other acidic food or drink before using snoring sprays. If you do eat citrus fruit before bed then be sure to rinse with plenty of water afterwards.

Using a stop snoring home remedy is a very good idea and not just because snoring is bothersome to your family. It is also an unhealthy condition. It can lower the effectiveness of your immune system and even worsen heart or blood pressure conditions.

Once you have discovered the best snoring remedy then you can finally sleep soundly without rattling the walls. Your family will be grateful too because they will be able to sleep through the night and feel well-rested like never before. - 30540

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