What Can Be Done About Male Baldness?

By Nichole Berry

There are a lot of men who suffer from male baldness. Although this is something many men go through later in their life it can become a distressing occurrence, which is why so many people choose to look at the hair loss products, some of the products work better than others. Some are just a lotion with an expensive price tag.

There can be many causes of baldness, some of which we are not even aware. The reasons we know of are that men sometimes go bald with age, where as some do not, it can also be something that a man has inherited from him family, or it could be ill health that is the cause, even the treatments in some cases can be the cause of thinning hair or baldness. Although some men have chosen to wear a wig, some of them can look very false and there is also the danger of them embarrassingly blowing or falling off.

One of the most common reasons men choose cosmetic surgery is to have hair transplantation. This is where hair is taken from the roots, from other parts of the body then implanted on the head. After this kind of treatment the survival rate of the implanted hair is between 90 to 100%.

Another similar method, yet one that causes less scars is where hair is implanted into the head by using a small punch. The results to this before the hair thickens are like that you would see on a plastic dolls head. This method also has a success rate of 90 to 100%

The hair after this kind of operation falls out after a few weeks but then begins to grow back. This cure for male baldness is among the most common.

One of the other hair loss products available comes as a tablet. This tablet has an ingredient called MSM. MSM has had a lot of research, and in trials has been shown to increase hair growth in many subjects.

Some also contain an amino acid, which is known as NAC that is also known to help and is contained in many hair loss products.

Also available for hair loss treatment are shampoo's and lotions, they are applied directly to the affected area/area's and while some are washed out others are massaged in and/or left for a while before being washed out.

Believe it or not there is even a comb and brush, which claim to help the hair to look thicker and healthier, this is a drug and surgery free product for thinning hair and has a reported 90% satisfaction rate.

There is a type of hair gel also available, although this is more of prevention than a cure. It is supposed to help combat the early signs of baldness, such as hair thinning, and is to stop the problem from getting any worse.

Some hair loss products work by ensuring the DHT blockers are stopped. DHT is an abbreviation for dihydrotestosterone. When DHT is blocked this can cause the male pattern baldness that is often seen.

There are a vast array of products available to help stop male baldness or to cure it or help it when it is already established. Some of the procedures can be invasive, where as others are just as easy as taking a tablet or massaging your head with lotion or similar. Which you choose is up to you, but with the products available to suit each need it is definitely time to throw away the hats and be proud of who you are inside and out. Remember though that even surgical results take a while to get the results you need so bear with your desired method. - 30540

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