The Safest Healing Methods Are Alternative Medicine

By Richard Ealom

Its disturbing to me that most persons believe prescription drugs are the best medicinal cure. They will spend yrs. subscribing to this method and still wont resolve their problems.The reason they wont resolve their illness or disease is because prescription drugs are not the correct solution. In fact, in most cases, you can generate additional troubles by using prescription drugs.

Dont believe it? Then why is it, many times, that when you return to your doctor for another visit, you may get an added prescription drug to solve an extra problem? Your body has a built-in healing system. It will do its job flawlessly if you will only do your part by not abusing it. That means feeding it the correct foodstuff, exercising regularly, managing stress, adding additional nutrients to your daily regime and eventually weaning off of any prescription drugs you may be using.

I share this information with every person in my articles, I write and present to directories, on my web site and as well as on my blog. I also share this information with friends I know who have some major ailments. What is extremely disturbing to me is a number of of these friends are so brainwashed by their doctors that they discourage them from believing the alternative method is not the best.

One friend I talked to concerning alternative methods has had a terrible heart problem for 25 yrs.. He has had by-pass surgery and several other minor surgeries over the years. He isnt convinced anything else can put an end to his health problem except his physician and numerous prescription drugs. But he has had more than a few life threatening episodes since then.

Another friend I talked with who has even more problems feels the same way concerning his doctor and his medications. Even though he listened to my presentation about my methods, he discussed it with his physician who advised him to snub my ideas.

I find it hard to understand why a MD would raise objections to alternative healing methods for their patients which is, by far, the safer way to treat. But then I suppose I should understand because doctors get very restricted training about nutrition in all their yrs. in medical school.Only naturopathic, osteopathic and holistic doctors understand the importance of natural medicine cures and remedies for those they are responsible for treating.

The sway that Big Pharma has on this situation, the medical association attitudes and the US Congress being brainwashed by both of these organizations adds to the sad state of the countrys health. The new administration of Obama in all probability will not correct this issue either. There is only one solution to this major health problem and it is education.

There needs to be legislation to produce some kind of an educational program to teach citizens how to become a healthier society. If we get that done we will have a healthier America. But if this ever gets completed it will be a miracle. You have to understand that by educating the populace to become healthier that means a great reduction of dependence on drugs will happen.

A lesser dependence on drugs means less business for drug companies as well as less business for MDs and hospitals. You see why I say if that should ever occur it will be a miracle. So whats the answer to this major health problem here in U.S.? Health researchers, alternative health newsletters written by concerned physicians and other alarmed individuals convincing the general public to take personal care of their health and practicing alternative methods of cures is the lone answer.

This is the sole way we will get this job accomplished. And believe it or not it is beginning to occur even though its a slow process. More and more people are learning that their doctors are not properly healing them and that prescription drugs are not their answer to wellness. It might take years for this movement to ultimately solve our health woes, but I believe it will in time occur. - 30540

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