Best Cures Of Anxiety Disorders And Anxiety Attacks

By Joe Z. Wright

In today's stressful times, many people suffer from anxiety disorders. Generally the symptoms associated with these disorders are increased heart beat, uneasiness and failing memory. Sometimes, the situation deteriorates to such an extent that the person forgets what he wanted to say a second before.

Many a time, people take these symptoms of anxiety disorders and anxiety attacks in a light manner as they are not able to diagnose it. The real trouble starts here. It is not possible to give the correct treatment to the patient without a clear diagnosis of the problem, so it is very essential for any person to be aware of anxiety disorders, anxiety attacks and their treatment.

Now, the people must be wondering about the causes of above-mentioned improper body functioning. Usually, they remain unconscious about their ailment. So, under these circumstances it becomes vital to consult the doctor. After proper diagnosis, a doctor tells them whether they are suffering from anxiety attack or anxiety disorder.

There are many medicines available in the market to treat anxiety. Doctors avoid some drugs that have a bad effect on the body, but few good drugs are also present in the market today. Such medicines also have side effects, but if taken under the strict supervision and guidance of a doctor, they are safe. These medicines need to be prescribed by the doctor and in some states, it is mandatory to sell these medicines only under a proper prescription of a doctor.

One of such medication, which is prescribed by the doctor, is alprazolam. This particular medication is also known as Xanax. This drug helps to strengthen the neurotransmitter (GABA) that reduces the receptiveness of human nervous system.

Alprazolam helps the body feel relaxed, make muscles free and help mind get calmed easily. In addition, GABA always halts the passing of exciting messages to the brain. By use of such medication the person having anxiety attack can get to sleep easily and this can offer him well relief.

But there are many side effects of such medications. The people tend to forget their body actions under the tranquilizing effect of them. This makes it necessary that the person does not consume the drug while driving, working on the machinery and any work that requires full use of brain. Again, intake of such medication also relaxes the body and loosens up the body muscle which again is very risky if the person's under influence does such work which requires muscle power.

The popular medicine that is used to cure anxiety attacks is Xanax. This drug is also spelt as Zanex. These medicines offer relaxation to the brain and the person feels happy. However, the main side effect of this medicine is that addiction to this medicine is very fast. Hence, these medicines should not be consumed for a prolonged period and should be taken only after proper consultation of a doctor. - 30540

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