Discover The Facts In Relation To Hemorrhoids And Pregnancy

By Colleen Revington

Many pregnant women go through piles during pregnancy and they can literally be a pain in the bum. They are regularly something that many women find it difficult to avoid for the simple reasons that women are regularly constipated throughout this time.

Some women will get hemorrhoids for the first time when they are with child. On occasion they come in the beginning or they might occur in the second stage of labor when the woman is pushing to get the baby out. They will sometimes go away after the pregnancy is completed.

One of the reasons this problem is so common in women that are pregnant is because of the pressure around the uterus throughout the pregnancy, has a knock on influence on different areas of the body. This force can cause veins in many areas of the lower part of the body to become swollen because it pushes on them as the baby grows. This might lead directly to piles.

Women also suffer more with being constipated during pregnancy because they may be straining to get feces out. The pressure can make the hemorrhoids either become more aggravated or it can get them started in the first place. Progesterone also increases throughout pregnancy and can cause the walls in the veins to loosen up which allows them to swell. This could also slow down the intestinal tract.

How can you get relief?

The positive news is that there are numerous methods that have been confirmed to assist you to eliminate or at least to relieve the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids all through your pregnancy. Here are a few of the acknowledged methods:

Sitz Bath - A sitz bath is basically just a particularly made plastic tub that you can fill up with a little water and then you can dunk your rear end in it. This might sound like a simple device, but the fact is that it can do miracles for relieving the pain and the discomfort that is regularly associated with hemorrhoids.

Hot and cold treatments - Some women find relief when they use hot and cold remedies. You should begin with an icepack on your piles and then sit in a warm sitz bath afterwards.

Using medicated wipes - When you are suffering from hemorrhoids, wiping after you have been to the toilet can often be a painful and blood filled experience. Using medicated wipes instead of your usual toilet paper can really help to ensure that your wiping is not as uncomfortable an experience as it used to be.

Creams or suppositories - There are numerous topical treatments that you can put on piles to prevent the itching and swelling. Preparation-H is one kind but you could also find other creams or suppositories to help. - 30540

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