Long Term Ozone Danger - Too Much Exposure Can Kill You

By David Green

New research that might see people paying more attention to the air we all breathe in has been published in 'The New England Journal of Medicine'.

It proved that long-term exposure to ground level ozone gases substantially raises the risk of death from breathing complications. In fact, the risk is at least 30% greater in the cities that have the highest levels of ozone gases in comparison to the places with the lowest concentrations of ozone gases.

It followed 450,000 subjects across 96 metropolitan regions over an 18-year period. During the 18-year period, Riverside California was found to have the highest concentrations, whilst, at the other end of the scale, the lowest were recorded in San Francisco.

More often than not, cities in the northeast part of the country had lesser concentrations than western states like California. Los Angeles was shown to have a 43% bigger risk, while Washington DC came in at 27% and New York at 25%.

A good way to lower the risk is to your outdoors jobs and chores during the morning, or in the late afternoon so as to be out of the way for the hottest, sunniest hours, especially should you be living in a warmer climate. Having your windows unopened when ozone levels are highest is also advised.

In general, keep yourself aware of the world you live in. Give serious consideration to limiting your exposure to a gas that experts are finding increasingly dangerous. This research isn't conclusive on itself, yet it does give a pretty clear indication that danger surrounds us.

If you, or someone you love, be suffering from breathing problems, you should find out the ozone levels in the town or city in which you or they reside. Though it may seem drastic to relocate to another area, it might literally result in extending yours or their life by a few years. - 30540

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