Massage Chairs Help To Assist Recuperation For Lower Back Pain

By Barbara Berrafato

Many people do not realize that lower back pain affects almost everyone at some point in their life. In fact, $50 billion is spent annually to diagnose and treat lower back pain in the United States. The most common cause of lower back pain is job related disability. Treating lower back pain can involve a variety of techniques including the use of massage chairs. Massage chairs provide an effective and reliable massage therapy treatment for some conditions of lower back pain.

There are two types or categories for low back pain. There are short-term back problems which are termed acute. There are longer-term back problems lasting weeks to even months which are referred to as chronic. Most treatment methods except surgery are more along natural lines. There are some conditions where the patient may have back pain for years on end.

There are two schools of thought on treatments which are blending together more and more. The blending of Eastern medicine and Western medicine has increased the options available. This is very good for patients as now they have more natural therapies as options as well. Although in certain situations surgery may be the only option.

Lower back pain is most often treated by Doctors of Osteopath or Doctors of Chiropractic medicine. These are both specialists in musculoskeletal problems. Doctors of Osteopath are experts on joints whereas Doctors of Chiropractic medicine are experts in spinal health. Either can treat lower back pain.

There are wide variety of conditions and situations given the complexity of the spine and the muscles and soft tissue areas. Treatments vary depending on each individual situation. If you have low back pain you should check with your medical specialist and see what treatments may be right for you.

Some persons suffering from low back pain have used massage chairs to help them in some aspects of their recovery. Their soft tissue has become stiff and that is what creates the pain. Increasing the flexibility of the soft tissues is important to restore elasticity. Massage chairs have been used to help increase the flexibility of the soft tissues including joints, ligaments and tendons.

When people have low back pain the weight of their body has been disproportionately put on a small area. This small area is usually the lower back that takes the full weight of the body. Normally the weight of the body is distributed across the spine. This causes those muscles to become stiff which then need treatment to make them more flexible.

Many natural treatments are geared toward restoring flexibility in the muscles and other soft tissues. Massage chair therapy seeks to stretch out these muscles to help restore flexibility. Massage chairs are used to stimulate the lower lumbar and other muscles of the back to help redistribute the weight properly.

Massage chairs come with a variety of techniques to help with spinal health. Many massage chairs have traction systems. For instance, you can stretch out the lower body from the hips to the ankles. There are also stretching systems for the arms and shoulders. Massage chairs also have options to apply heat to different parts of the body.

You can use massage chairs to warm you up prior to stretching or exercise. They are also perfect for your warm down after activities. They offer enormous convenience and flexibility to your schedule. A quick 10 minute massage after a stressful day can be very relieving. You should check with your physician to find out what options may be appropriate for you. Ask your physician if a massage chair for radio in home use may be appropriate for your situation. - 30540

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