Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids - Early Treatment Is A Solution

By Ai Qin

The early treatment of hemorrhoids can prevent more serious conditions from developing like thrombosed external hemorrhoids as the only develop over a long period of time. Creams and ointments which are available over the counter can help with itching and inflammation which will ultimately prevent external thrombosed hemorrhoids from developing.

Blood clots are formed when the blood supply has been cut and the hemorrhoid literally become strangled which then results in thrombosed hemorrhoids and is an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition to be in.

This type of hemorrhoid usually requires surgery although the condition may respond to cortisone creams but only over a long period of time and due to the pain one needs to look at having a surgical procedure. One can prevent a thrombosis from happening by not allowing hard stool which are caused by constipation.

You could start by reviewing your dietary habits and start to including foods like whole grains, varies types of beans, fresh vegetables and fruit and plenty of fluids which help prevent constipation and if your life style does not permit correct eating habits then there are alternatives such as Metamucil and Senokot plus many other products as well as Preparation H which can be bought directly over the counter.

If you are already suffering from this type of hemorrhoid and the pain is unbearable then surgery should be performed. This is a relatively quick procedure which involves cutting the hemorrhoid tissue away by making a small incision as well as a few stitches and you need not have a general anaesthetic as most doctors do this procedure in their consulting rooms under local anaesthetic. However one can develop an infection and may have some pain afterwards.

A procedure that is a lot less painful and far safer is laser surgery although you may have to have several treatments which will incur costs eventually. There is little or no risk of infection occurring after laser treatment. Then again if surgery frightens you and you are able to withstand the pain there are non-surgical treatments you can use to alleviate your external thrombosed hemorrhoids which obviously will take some time.

I would personally opt for a surgical procedure due to the pain and discomfort but everyone has a choice and yes alternative therapy is far safer and less harmful and each person has to decide for themselves which is the better option. Maybe if you go online the articles that have been written can help you make the right choice. - 30540

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