We Can Help Ourselves By Treating Early Symptoms With Natural Remedies

By Richard H. Ealom

You have most likely been brought up to appreciate operations, your doctor and that medicines they give you and surgery they perform is the answer to any of your troubles. When we do this, however, we are indicating to our bodies that it isn't important to us and that we are not giving our own bodies the time to restore to health naturally. If we look at the initial symptoms we get and take care of these, then this will be a good beginning in recovery.

We can treat ourselves early with natural remedies and frequently cure a number of health related issues. You will recognise that your body will tell you the truth, which will come out in your individual emotions and challenges.

When I looked at myself in the mirror I could see that my own emotional pain was a "physical art form," and it could change before my very eyes to heal a devastating disease. By the time I was thirty five, I was comfortable in my new clothes, home and car. There were a number of different big firms who hired me to help complex business problems they were going through, and it was common for me to work twelve hrs days.

But, I received terrible news whilst I was in a medical specialist's office as he diagnosed me with rosacea - a skin disorder that is not curable, deforming, and disfiguring. Because I had treated myself as a piece of equipment, I was now paying the cost - and the disease would show me no mercy as it continued to grow worse over the next few yrs.. I exhausted all of my financial funds going to medical specialists and naturopathic practitioners. I had the need to comprehend how my own body's immune system would be capable to heal and repair me.

I concluded that the body is a natural system, so I chose to avoid medications. Fifty doctors later, I was still searching for those identical answers. I was determined to prove that the innate intelligence inside me knew how to heal me, after 6 years I began to distrust my core belief.

When I had progressed into my 40's, I could see my skin was worse, it was red and irritated, and I had daily boils. I also found that the vision in my eyes was going and was not capable to read drive and watch tv all that well either. Obviously, this had a considerable impact on the plans and dreams I had in my life. I would come to realise and think, as a rule when I was alone, that I sympathised with persons who had taken their own lives because of the pain.

After this, I met a Chinese medical doctor who gave me an opinion that was different from all of the other physicians. He said that the ailment wasn't just in my face, but it was concerned with the natural biological rhythms of my body not being in synchronization - and this resulted in my face being directly affected because of the emotional fear and stress. This physician also saw other symptoms of exhaustion through other indicators when he examined me. He said that my body felt lifeless and frail, and that I must find peace at no matter what price. I was happy that there was a different opinion.

As soon as I had spoken with the doctor I looked at my emotional therapy. I first looked at the different fears that I had which affected me since I had been diagnosed, and I also went back further through my past. I looked at myself in the mirror and looked at what I had done to bring about this illness - which had been caused by being a workaholic.

And, when I looked back I see that I denied a lot of different private things in life. Also, had felt valueless and needed to push the addiction forward. I had the thought of staying hard-working but this resulted in my own exhaustion and consequently caused me to feel angry and resentful. Throughout the years I had served others which negatively impacted on my life and I failed to do anything until my friend stepped in.

Following one year of sharing my painful story, crying and releasing my pent-up emotions and work compulsion patterns within a safe community, a miracle occurred. I healed physically devoid of scars and my eye sight returned to normal. For years I had been on a nourishing diet and exercise program that also aided my body in this transformation. My miracle-healing story became my passageway. It was natural for me to go into the holistic field and instruct people how to cure, prevent physical health challenges, and discover greater joy. - 30540

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