Zolpidem Tartrate - Effects On Explicit Population

By Jane Z. Taff

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder in which the person suffering from it does not get proper sleep. So, if you have the same symptoms, then you must meet a doctor immediately. The best medicine for curing this problem is Zolpidem Tartrate which relaxes the brain and induces sleep.

It is a controlled and chemically balanced product of Sanofi-Aventis. This medicine is used to treat various sleeping disorders such as trouble in falling asleep, waking up in the midnight, waking up too early in the morning. But before adopting this medicine you must be familiar with its advantages and some precautions before ingesting it.

This medicine belongs to the category of sedatives, which are used to in the treatment of sleeping disorders. Although this drug is relatively new in terms of chemical structure, but limitations of sedatives are applied on it too. So, the usage of this drug without any prescription could be very dangerous. It is always beneficial to consult professional medical practitioner before adopting such medicines.

One more fact that you must consider is that it is very efficient drug so must be ingested just before going to bed. Avoid performing any such operation including driving and working on machinery which require concentration and complete mental alertness as soon as you consume this remedy. Moreover, consuming alcohol during the treatment is strictly prohibited. It is so because alcohol acts as a booster for the rapid reactions of Zolpidem Tartrate which leads you towards severe side-effects.

Certain limitations of the drug are also connected with the age of a person. Along with the age of a person, his physical health is also a factor that is kept in mind by the doctor before deciding on the dosage. According to the manufacturers of the drug, 10 milligrams in a day is ideal for adults while five milligrams is ideal for old people.

Moreover, Zolpidem Tartrate is not recommended for the pregnant women. It is so because there are not sufficient studies available in the case of pregnant women. So, as a precaution, pregnant women are advised to consume these pills in very critical situation and that also after consulting the doctor.

That was all about Zolpidem Tartrate and its effect. Now, let's have a glance at its dosage conditions. This drug is offered in the form of pills which are advised to take along with water not right after the meal. The research has revealed the fact that single dosage of this drug is easily absorbed by the human body so never try to take more than one pill every day.

Research done in lactating mother designate that the half-life of this medicine is quite similar to that in normal young volunteers which is 2.6 0.3 hour. Between 0.004 and 0.019% of the total ideal dose is excreted into milk, but the consequence of Zolpidem Tartrate on the infants is unknown. While in an experiment on rat this medicine subdued the secretion of milk. The dose provided was four mg/base kg, which is six times of the recommended human dose. - 30540

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