Reasons Why It Is Dangerous For You To Smoke

By Ricardo Higamori

Tobacco plants produce a chemical that does not have any odor or color and is called Nicotine. Nicotine is a liquid alkaloid made out of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

For hundreds of years, many individuals have chewed tobacco and smoked it so they could get the unusual sensations that the nicotine created. When nicotine is highly concentrated, it behaves like poison and is used in insecticides to deter insects and animals. The reason that nicotine is so addictive is partly because of all of those pleasurable feelings it gives us. Nicotine also lets an adrenaline hormone be released in our bodies, which makes us feel very alert. Nicotine also increases the amount of endorphins that we secrete, which are natural pain-killers in the body.

Because of this, out bodies start to need these sensations, and we become addicted to nicotine and smoking. A dependence on nicotine can be both physical and psychological, so when the body withdraws from consuming it, it makes the process even more difficult.

There are many other harmful ingredients found in cigarettes. One of them is tar. Used in the past as a protective shield, it was applied on wooden vessels to prevent rotting. Today , tar particles are found on teeth, fingers and lungs of smokers. In fact, tar will stain lungs and kill cilia inside of smokers lungs. Long term exposure to tar , causes significant respiratory complications and certain types of cancer.

There are products which can help you improve your well-being and health such as Bowtrol colon cleansing, but smoking can create conditions in which these products cannot fully benefit you. You can make any health product operate more efficiently and fully by abstaining from smoking.

Smoking presents serious dangers not only to the smoker itself , but also to those around him. Second hand smoking, also known as passive smoking is a serious problem worldwide.

For instance, in Canada, about 1000 people who don't smoke die because of passive smoking every year. Women who are pregnant, kids, and older people should stay away from passive smoking because they do not have strong immune systems.

You can stop smoking and prevent a premature death, but it still kills individuals all over the world every day. For example, in Great Britain, which is ranked 66th in a list of 'the most smoking countries' by The Economist Magazine, there are 120,000 annual deaths due to smoking. The numbers in the US are significantly higher, and this is a problem for our health care system.

The most smoking country in the world according to this report is Greece, followed by Ukraine. - 30540

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