Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - Leukemia

By Veronica Carrillo

There are many different types of leukemia, but all are a malignant disease of the white blood cells of the body. The cause of all types is still uncertain. Each type is determined by the specific blood cell involved and the length of time the illness lasts. Leukemia exists in both an acute ad chronic form: it is detected when the blood is examined. When the cell group known as the lymphocytes is affected, the disease is called lymphocytic leukemia. When the monocytes are involved, it is known as monocytic leukemia. And when the polymorphonuclear cells are involved, it is called myeloid leukemia.

The British Journal of Cancer reports optimistic news for vegans. British scientists studied the diets of over 61,000 men and women for 12 years. At the end of 12 years, the scientists recorded how many subjects developed stomach, bladder, ovarian, and lymphatic cancers in the three dietary categories reviewed: vegan, pescetarian, and omnivore. For each type of cancer tested, vegans developed a significantly lower number of cases than did meat eaters.

Symptoms. In acute cases, the onset is usually quite rapid and resembles an acute infectious disease. The earliest symptoms may be high fever, diffuse aches and pains, and severe weakness. Painful ulcerations of the mouth are not uncommon. There may be bone pain. The course is unusually rapid, progressive, and downhill. There are hemorrhages of the mucous membranes of the mouth and into the skin. In the chronic case the disease develops stealthily and is discovered often during the course of a routine medical examination. The patient loses weight, appetite, and strength. He has night sweats and feels weak.

Causes of Leukemia There are no visible reasons of Leukemia as such but still artificial ionizing radiation, different type of viruses that cause the blood platelets balancing problem and also the smoking or tobacco habit is the reason of this disease to occur to certain extent.

There are some of the people in whom the maternal-fatal transmission has become the reason for the Leukemia occurrence. Also some of the people are found to have the genetic predisposition as the reason of this disease to happen.

Treatment of Leukemia The treatment is difficult yet not impossible as some of the medication treatment are required to get cured and beside this there are also the radiation therapy and bone marrow transplantation are the treatments of this diseases. But still nothing gives guarantee as the diagnosis has no outer symptoms and the stage in which the diseases are approached is also important. - 30540

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