Hair Loss Prevention

By Clyde Rocha

If you are beginning to notice that your head of hair is making an appearance on the Hamilton-Norwood scale, it may be time to take some action to stop hair loss if you are not quite ready to go bald yet. Despite most beliefs, there are a lot of things that can be done to replenish hair loss. Here are some of them.

Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for common male-pattern baldness. The condition can usually lead to complete baldness, with hair principally thinning at the crown of the head. Scientists believe this form of alopecia to be a result of the combination of various genetic and environmental factors.

A red, itchy or blistering scalp can be the onset of an infection. Consulting a dermatologist can solve this. Scalp infections can affect hair growth, so it is always recommended that you take steps to be aware of your health.

One of the prime advantages to baldness is clear: the money saved on hair products. Money spent on gels, combs and sprays is now money that can be spent on the more enjoyable things in life. Savings from the lack of a need to purchase such items could run into three figures per annum.

It is believed that one of the key causes of male baldness is the sex hormone DHT, a hormone that is triple the potency of testosterone. The effect that DHT has on baldness has not been established. DHT is an influential sex hormone which also controls facial hair, body hair and the prostrate.

An attitude some people take is the fact that they are not alone. Balding affects approximately 40m in the United States alone and hundreds of millions internationally. These men find solace in the fact that other people have experienced what they have and respect people for it.

Common hair styles in some modern cultures include braids and to an extent, ponytails. It is a known fact that excessive periods of hair being drawn tightly together in such ways can cause extensive hair loss. This cause of hair loss is known as traction alopecia.

Some natural remedies include the incorporation of green tea into the diet. Studies have revealed that green tea can half the levels of DHT, which are primarily responsible for baldness. Options can include capsules, or alternatively drinking up to 5 cups of the tea daily to give the recommended daily allowance.

Wearing tightly fitted hats and caps can increase the rate of hair loss. The worst that such headgear could do is damage hair follicles and the fact that hair follicles are replaced frequently in the hair replication cycle eliminates this worry. One piece of advice is to wash hats frequently, as dead cells found in unwashed hats can result in an unclean scalp, culminating in infection and resultant hair loss.

It is recommended that when your shave your head you apply shaving cream. Shaving carefully can allow you to go over the areas you need to only once, this is a good practice to adopt. Make sure the area that you shave in is also lighted properly, so you can see all of the angles of your head that you are trying to reach.

As you can see, the implications of hair loss are many from a psychological perspective. Balding is a traumatic experience for some, especially those who take pride in their appearance. For others, it is an opportunity for a new perspective on life. - 30540

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